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LCMC Health’s Neuroscience Institute is here for patients across Southeast Louisiana

Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system. At LCMC Health Neuroscience Institute, we help residents by diagnosing and treating these medical conditions. Our team consists of team members from West Jefferson Medical Center and the Culicchia Neurological Center. Both teams work together to provide the highest level of care to each of our patients suffering from neurological diseases and issues. Our team will be happy to get you scheduled for a consultation appointment to help discover your personalized needs and how we can help you cope.

If you are having severe, sudden onset symptoms now, please call 9-1-1 immediately.

doctor talking to patient

Dedicated and compassionate care

Receiving personalized care is even more critical when suffering from neurological diseases. LCMC Health Neuroscience Institute ensures whichever condition ails you, our team will take it seriously and treat it with individualized treatments. Our team stays on top of advancements and innovations within the field to safeguard you from traditional methods and procedures which have not worked. You get proven and effective care each time you visit our offices.

Neurological conditions LCMC Health Neuroscience Institute treats

There are a plethora of neurological diseases affecting those in New Orleans and beyond. Our team is trained and equipped to diagnose and treat them properly. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures you have a comfortable stay while in our care. State-of-the-art technology helps us quickly diagnose what ails you, and move as quickly to start you on the road to recovery. The medical staff is available 24/7 to safeguard our patients from ever having to worry who will take care of them while visiting. No matter the time of day, we are here to help. Below are some of the neurological conditions we treat, and the neuroscience services we provide at LCMC Health Neuroscience Institute:

Compassionate Care for a Range of Neurological Conditions